sábado, 8 de noviembre de 2014

HALLOWEEN at the Mayorazgo School!

Hello everyone!

Last week, we celebrated Halloween at the Mayorazgo School. It was the most frightening Halloween ever! We had fun visiting the tunnel of terror, playing different games, telling stories, carving pumpkins and having a terrfying breakfast. We want to thank you, mums, for your participation in many of these activities and making our work much easier.

Now, we invite you to have a look at these pictures of our Halloween celebration.

This is the TUNNEL OF TERROR. It was dark and full of ghosts, skulls, skeletons and spiders. Students couldn´t breath!

 After seeing the tunnel of terror, students played frightening games that had to do with pumpkins, spiders and vampires. 

The first game was "PASS THE PUMPKIN", in which the students had to pass the pumpkin, pick up a message and do an action.

After that, students fed the VAMPIRES throwing spiders into the vampires´mouths.

Now, pupils run and run at the races but they had to prevent the spider from falling. This game is called "SPIDERS RACE".

After that, pupils touched different parts of the monster´s body in the MYSTERY BOXES: eyes, brain, snot, and teeth!

Now, it was time to calm down and listen to the STORY "Winnie the Witch". We love storytelling!

If you liked the tale, click here to watch the VIDEO:

This year was the I PUMPKIN CARVING COMPETITION. Students and their families brought carved pumpkins to win the competition. They did a great job!

These pumpkins are the WINNERS of the I Pumpkin Carving Competition! Congratulations kids ;)

Good work Valeria!

Well done Alba!

Congratulations Lucas!

Great job Tania!

And finally, we enjoyed a TERRIFYING BREAKFAST on Thursday. Students brought many different things: cupcakes, sponge cakes, cakes, fingers, snacks, etc. Yummy!